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Ruth Wakefield

Toll House Chocolate Chip Cookies

It may be hard to believe, but before the 1930s no one had ever had the pleasure of biting into a chocolate chip cookie

Madam Walker

Walker Hair Care System

Few historical figures of the latter part of the 19th century fit the profile of inventor, entrepreneur and philanthrop

Edward Walker

Lava Lamp

Love it or hate it, the cultural significance of the psychedelic fixture known, as the lava lamp is hard to deny.

Hildreth Walker

Laser Telemetry and Targeting Systems

Hildreth “Hal” Walker, Jr.

Jay Walker

Patentable Business Models

Entrepreneur Jay Walker's accomplishments are somewhat unique in terms of how they fit in with the concept of invention

Charles Walton

RFID Technology

RFID, or radio frequency identification technology, is an integral part of modern society, using the power of electromagne

Paul Wenner

The Gardenburger

Health-conscious diners around the world can thank Paul Wenner for one of the most popular “health foods” in modern his

Sheila Widnall

Flexible Airfoil Section

Former Secretary of the Air Force, Sheila E.

Eric Wilhelm

Liquid Embossing Process for Silicon Chips

Silicon chip manufacturing can be a costly proposition; the most prevalent method, photolithography (or optical lithogr

Roberta Williams

Graphic Adventure Games

In 1979, computer game innovator Roberta Williams was a housewife with two kids and no experience or particular interes

Carol Wior


It’s no secret that for women, the process of selecting, buying and wearing a swimsuit is one that can be difficult, fr

James Wright


A combination of history, engineering, accident, and entrepreneurship produced one of the most successful toys of the t