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Howard Dananberg

Insolia Shoe Sole

Women around the world have for centuries enthusiastically chosen to wear high-heeled shoes in the name of fashion, des

Newman Darby


In the summer of 1964, a new sport was born out of an idea conceived by Newman Darby while vacationing on Wyoming Mount

Charles Darrow


The board game Monopoly™ was itself the winner in a field of real estate games.

Mark Dean and Dennis Moeller

Industry Standard Architecture System

When you plug your printer, keyboard, or monitor into your PC, the majority of the time you'll find that it simply works,

George DeCell


Every parent knows that young children love to put just about any object they can find into their mouths, and that means s

John Deere

Self-Polishing Cast Steel Plow

John Deere, pioneer, inventor, and entrepreneur, singlehandedly revolutionized American agriculture by developing and m

Lee DeForest

Triode Amplifier

Lee De Forest (1873-1961) invented the device that made wireless radio broadcasting practicable: the "triode" or "audio

Robert Dennard

Dynamic Random Access Memory

In 1967, Robert Heath Dennard invented what is considered one of the most significant advances in computer technology:

Joseph DeSimone

PRINT® Technology

The massive, daily demand for solvents necessary for typical manufacturing and industrial processes used across the planet

Jackie Diaz

Culinique line of Surprise Inside Food Molds

Jackie Diaz, creator of the Culinique line of Surprise Inside Food Molds, was born in 1959 in New York City.

Rudolf Diesel

Internal-Combustion Engine

Rudolf Diesel, born on March 18, 1858 in Paris, created the pressure-ignited heat engine known commonly as the diesel e

Carl Dietrich

Terrafugia Transition

Until recently, the concept of a “flying car” has, for the most part, been merely the stuff of dreams and movies, like