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Jacob Rabinow

Automated scanning and sorting machines

Jacob Rabinow (1910-1999) was born in Kharkov, Russia and emigrated with his family during the Revolution and arrived via

Ismo Rakkolainen


For some time during the 1990s, Finnish researcher Ismo Rakkolainen’s living room was strewn with a pile of banana boxe

Ramesh Raskar


Ramesh Raskar is an Associate Professor at MIT

Grote Reber

Reber Radio Telescope

Grote Reber was born in Chicago on December 22, 1911.

Jheri Redding

Hair Products

Dry, tangled, hard-to-manage hair met its match in Jheri Redding, inventor of creme rinse, when he developed

Elsa Reichmanis

Chemically Amplified Resists

Polymer chemist Elsa Reichmanis was born on December 9, 1953 in Melbourne, Australia.

Kelly Reinhart

The TPak

In 1998, when Kelly Reinhart was just six-years old, she had an idea that would launch her into a kind of life that few ch

Richard Reynolds

Reynolds Wrap (U.S. Foil)

The entrepreneurial spirit clearly runs in the Reynolds family: Richard S.

Robert Rines

Microwave Scanning System

Few Americans have made such a sweeping contribution to the process and business of inventing as Robert Rines, a trailb

Dennis Ritchie

Programming Language “C”

A true trailblazer in the field of computer technology, Dennis MacAlistair Ritchie, born on Sept.

Francis and Gertrude Rogallo

Hang Gliding

A great number of men and women made contributions to the world of airplane flight during the industry’s early days in the

Sharon Rogone

Bili Bonnet

When babies are born prematurely, they frequently require days or weeks of special care in hospitals’ neonatal intensive c

Otto Rohwedder

Bread-slicing Machine

“Now that’s the best thing since sliced bread!”

Hazelle Rollins

Advances in Puppetry

Born in Kansas City in 1910, Hazelle (Hedges) Rollins secured her place in history with the dedication she had to the a

Betty Rozier and Linda Vallino

I.V. House

The mother-daughter team of Betty Rozier and Linda Vallino, of Hazelwood, Missouri, invented a simple device that makes it