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Chapter 1: What is Intellectual Property?
Protect ideas from being stolen
Chapter 2: What Can Be Patented?
Patents are products of the legal system
Chapter 3: Is My Idea Patentable?
Criteria for patentability
Chapter 4: How Do I Conduct a Patent Search?
A patent search is a subset of the prior art search
Chapter 5: Is My Invention Worth Patenting?
"Anything that won't sell, I don't want to invent." - Thomas Edison
Chapter 6: How Do I Apply for a Patent?
The Patent Application
Chapter 7: How Do I Prove the Idea Is Mine?
Can you prove the date you first envisioned your invention?
Chapter 8: What Are Some Options to Commercialize My Patent?
Persistence and determination are key ingredients
Chapter 9: How Do I License My Invention?
Selecting the right company interested in your product
Chapter 10: What Are Some Guidelines in Developing a Business Plan?
Marketing your invention
Chapter 11: How Do I Raise Capital?
The challenge of raising money