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Charles Kaman

Helicopter Innovations

Charles H. Kaman has been a leading inventor and businessman in the helicopter industry for over 50 years.

Dean Kamen

IBOT Mobility System and the Segway

Inventor Dean Kamen has forged a career based on two separate but equally important goals: to improve the lives of othe

Nathan Kane

Improved Bellows

Nathan Kane received his PhD in Mechanical Engineering at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

Isabella Karle

X-ray crystallography

Isabella Karle is a true pioneer of physical chemistry, who invented new methods, using first electron and then x-ray d

Eskil Karlson

Ozone-based sterilization

In his career of over 60 years, Eskil Karlson has produced about 100 inventions.

Alan Kay

“Smalltalk” Programming Language

Computing pioneer Alan Curtis Kay, creator of the "Smalltalk" programming language, was born in 1940 in Springfield, Ma

Anna Keichline

“K Brick”

Anna Wagner Keichline was born in Bellefonte, Pennsylvania

Will Kellogg

Kellogs Corn Flakes®

What would breakfast be without Kellogg’s Corn Flakes®?

Charles Kettering

All-electric automobile systems

Charles Franklin Kettering invented dozens of important devices, but he is best known as the founder of Delco, the comp

Jalal Khan

Integrated Optical Add/Drop Filter

A team of Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) graduate students conquered a major challenge of high-capacity op

Mary Kies

Patented Straw Weaving Technique

Though little is known about the details of her life, Mary Dixon Kies has become a familiar name in U.S.

Jack Kilby

The Microchip

Although he has over 60 patents to his credit, Jack Kilby would justly be considered one of the greatest electrical eng

Chang-Jin Kim


A tiny, mechanical hand that, when closed, is no larger than a pinhead may have the potential to perform delicate tasks, s

Mary-Claire King

Genetic Breast Cancer Detection

In a 25-year career of research, education, and activism, Mary-Claire King has succeeded not only in scientific innovat

Louise Kirkbride

Computer Database Systems

Louise Kirkbride, pioneer of computer technologies for customer service, showed her promise as an innovator at age 17,