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A fun, educator-led way to engage students in grades K-12
in invention activities that build STEM knowledge,
skills and creativity. 
“Invention Adventures is a platform where youth are encouraged to regularly exercise their imagination and in turn become more aware of the creativity they innately possess.”
Carlos Marquez, Program Development Specialist STEAM, Think Together (Santa Ana, California) 

Invention Adventures program’s unique approach ensures that STEM activities are culturally relevant and meaningful, leading to deeper engagement and increased participation. Students learn to find and solve problems that matter to them through invention. The problem focus is not predetermined. Students then receive support designing and building inventions to address problems they are passionate about. 

Invention Adventures provides: 
  • Curriculum educators can use in their classrooms 

  • Professional learning opportunities for educators 

  • Opportunities for afterschool STEM programming with the option of having the Lemelson-MIT Program (LMIT) instructors virtually co-teach with staff across the country

  • Opportunities to showcase students’ inventions at local, state, and national Invention Conventions or to be entered into science and engineering fairs 

Provide A Continuum Of Invention Education Programming From K-12 
  • With programming designed for different age bands, Invention Adventures can be offered year after year.

  • By consistently participating in Invention Adventure programs, students develop an inventor identity and confidence in their STEM abilities. 

Offer Uniquely Engaging STEM Activities That Increase Student Participation
  • STEM engagement can increase when students, especially those from underrepresented groups,  identify problems they are passionate about solving 

  • Build students’ social and emotional skills along with the technical skills to ensure their success in the new world of work. 

Administer Expert STEM Programming Developed at LMIT ​​​​​
  • Programs kick off with a live, virtual introduction to the invention process by LMIT educators

  • Program leaders receive ongoing training and activity slides through frequent meetings on progress and improvement 

About Invention Adventures: Invention AdventuresTM is an initiative of the Lemelson-MIT Program (LMIT). LMIT has been working in the field of Invention Education since 1994.  To learn more about Invention Adventures, contact Cristina Sáenz, Invention Education Manager for the Lemelson-MIT Program, at saenzc@mit.edu

Your Support Counts

Your support goes a long way: Sponsor an InvenTeam, Send a group to EurekaFest on the MIT campus, Provide professional development to educators, Support a local invention convention for K-12 learners,
Introduce Invention Education to a community college.
We have so many Pathways to Invention Education for you to choose!