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Eduard Haas

Pez Dispenser & Candy

Eduard Haas’ name may be unfamiliar to most people, but the case couldn’t be more different when it comes to his 1927 inve

Charles Hall

Process for the Manufacture of Aluminum

Eight months after graduating from Oberlin College in 1885 with a bachelor's degree in chemistry, Charles Martin Hall (186

Lloyd Hall

Food Preservation Methods

Like his coeval Frederick Jones, Lloyd Augustus Hall played a major role in the American food industry.

Robert Hall

Semiconductor Injunction Laser

In 1962, Robert Hall created a revolutionary type of laser that is still used in many of the electronic appliances and

John Hammond

Radio-operated Remote Control Systems

John Hays Hammond was both a whimsical and practical inventor:  his interests ranged from music and cooking to electron

Jin-Ping Han

Capacitor-less Dynamic Random Access Memory (DRAM) Cell

As an Electrical Engineering PhD student at Yale University, one of Jin-Ping Han’s projects turned from a failure to a suc

Ruth Handler

The Barbie Doll

In 1959, Ruth Handler invented something that became so quintessentially American as to be included in the official "Am

Joanna Hardin

CompuRest Keyboard Stand

Anyone who uses a computer regularly should know how important it is to pay attention to body and wrist position in ord

William Haseltine

Genome-based therapeutics

William Haseltine – biophysicist, professor, inventor, and entrepreneur – has been a leader in the international effort

Jeff Hawkins


The ubiquitous handheld organizer known as the PalmPilot was first conceived in 1992.

W. Hawkins

Polymer Cable Sheath

Walter Lincoln Hawkins was born on March 21, 1911.

Andrew Heafitz

Rocket-based Surveillance Systems

When Andrew Heafitz was a child, family members could tell by his passion for rockets, airplanes, Legos, and building t

George Heilmeier

Liquid Crystal Display (LCD)

Liquid crystal scientist George H. Heilmeier was born in 1936 in Philadelphia.

Dan Henderson

Wireless Picture and Video Messaging

Daniel Henderson is an American inventor, innovator, and entrepreneur.  

Beulah Henry

Vacuum Ice Cream Freezer

Beulah Louise Henry was born in 1887 and was dubbed "Lady Edison" in the 1930s.

James Hillier

Electron Microscope

James Hillier was born in Brantford, Ontario, Canada on August 22, 1915.