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Toyoichi Tanaka

Smart Gels

Born and raised in Japan, Toyoichi Tanaka received his higher education at the University of Tokyo, where he earned a B

Victoria Tane


It takes a rare combination of creativity and ingenuity to create practical fashion.

Maria Telkes

Telkes Solar Cooker

For centuries human beings have attempted to capture and direct for a variety of specific uses the incredible natural e

Nikola Tesla

Alternating Current Motor

Nikola Tesla was a well-known Serbian-American inven

Giuliana Tesoro

Textile Inventions

Organic chemist Giuliana Tesoro made tremendous a

Mark Thatcher

Amphibious Sandals

Mark Thatcher reinvented an item of dress as old as civilization itself, the sandal, and succeeded in making his produc

Leon Theremin

The Theremin

Just a few years after the invention of the vacuum tube, Leon Theremin invented one of the world’s first and most uniqu

Fred Thomas

Articulated Optical DVD Technology

Engineer and inventor Fred C. Thomas was born on October 25, 1959 in Washington D.C.

Elihu Thomson

Advances in Electric Lighting

Elihu Thomson was born in England on March 29, 1853. He would later become one of the most prolific inventors in U.S.

Ray Tomlinson


Ray Tomlinson, a renowned computer programmer, is credite

Rose Totino

Totino Frozen Pizza

Rose Totino was born in 1915, one of seven children of Italian immigrant parents. The family settled in Minneapolis.

Brent Townshend

56K Bit/sec Modem

Canadian inventor and electrical engineer, Brent Townshend, created a core concept in 1996 that served as the basis for wh

Earl Tupper


By a two-step process of invention, Earl S.

Francis Turner

Interstate Highway System

Francis “Frank” Turner is credited with having developed the interstate highway system, as we know it in the United Sta