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Meet an Inventor!
2007 Lemelson-MIT Student Prize winner Nate Ball tried to make a go-kart as a kid but it didn't go as planned at first. Read all about his mishaps and successes as an inventor.
A Leaf Cutter Bee in wood
Bees With Leaves
Did you know, not all bees live in hives and make honey? The leafcutter bee uses leaves to make a tube shaped nest to lay eggs in. Learn more in this article!

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Shake up Mosquitos
In the humid climate of Florida, mosquitos can be quite a nuisance. Learn how the Northeast High School InvenTeam worked to find a solution to their pesky problem.
Grab-bag Inventing
Ever think about giving inventing a try? Anyone can be an inventor and it can be fun! Follow these Grab-bag inventing instructions and you’ll be on your way to becoming a problem-solver inventor extraordinaire!

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Calling All Inventors
For centuries the United States has bred inventors and innovators who have changed the world. In this article, Leigh Estabrooks urges young people to put on their inventor’s hat and start tackling problems today.
“Work hard in school…and never give up on your creative dreams,” says past InvenTeam student and patent holder Katelyn Sweeny. A graduate of MIT, Sweeny shares her experiences as a young inventor.

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Sensors Today
Lemelson-MIT staff member Tony Perry documents one InvenTeam's journey to solve an algae problem plaguing the river in their local community.
A Closer Look
Leigh Estabrook, the Invention Education Officer for the Lemelson-MIT Program, explores the wonders of rubber and its many uses.
With an Eye to the Future
Inventions can impact the world in truly positive ways, but are some inventions harmful? Leigh Estabrook takes a closer look in this article.

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Aracely Chavez: Student Inventor
In June of 2017, Aracely Chavez and the rest of the DIY Girls InvenTeam visited MIT to present the high tech tent they invented for the homeless. Aracely talks about that experience, as well as her freshman year at Georgetown University.
Out of the dolphin cave
The 2013 Sturgis West High School InvenTeam noticed a need for a better cart to rescue stranded dolphins from the beaches in their Cape Cod community. Like any good invention, it took time to get it right.
Alert! Alert!
Using a 3D printer, the 2018 SOAR Early College HighSchool InvenTeam came up with a device to keep students safer when walking alone. The team recounts their inventing journey to MIT for EurekaFest.