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Philo Farnsworth

Electronic Television

Philo Farnsworth conceived the world's first all-electronic television at the age of 15.

Tish Fearn

Lite Lift Shovel

Tish Fearn, winner of the 2003 British Female Inventor of the Year award, wasn’t about to let tendonitis force her to q

James Fergason

Liquid crystal display (LCD)

James Fergason holds over 125 U.S.

George Ferris

The Ferris Wheel

George Ferris conceived, designed, and built an engineering marvel, which astonished the world at its debut and became a m

Robert Fischell

Rechargeable Pacemaker Battery

Physicist Dr. Robert E. Fischell has earned nearly 200 U.S.

Martin Fisher

Super MoneyMaker Pump

Thousands of poor citizens of African nations such as Kenya have been able to transform their lives and build successful s

Edith Flanigen

Zeolite Y

Chemist Edith Flanigen was born in Buffalo, New York on January 28, 1929.

Abbey Fleck

Makin’ Bacon® Cooking Dish

Inspired by an offhand comment from her father, Abigail M.

Alexander Fleming


No scientific story illustrates the power of luck coupled with ingenuity quite like the tale of the discovery of penici

Henry Ford

The Assembly Line

Most people credit Henry Ford with inventing the automobile.

Sally Fox

Naturally colored cotton

When Sally Fox first saw brown cotton seeds and lint, she had no idea she was about to become a pioneer.

Benjamin Franklin

The Franklin Stove

Benjamin Franklin was probably the most significant “founding father” of the United States of America who never served

Peter Franklin

Cool Dog

Innovation can come in many forms, including tasty, creamy, edible ones.

John Franz

Glyphosate Molecule

In 1970, organic chemist John E.

Helen Free

Dip-and-read Home Diabetes Test

A distinguished chemist and promoter of science, Helen Murray Free invented a number of tests that revolutionized certa