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Paul Wenner

The Gardenburger

Health-conscious diners around the world can thank Paul Wenner for one of the most popular “health foods” in modern his

Sheila Widnall

Flexible Airfoil Section

Former Secretary of the Air Force, Sheila E.

Roberta Williams

Graphic Adventure Games

In 1979, computer game innovator Roberta Williams was a housewife with two kids and no experience or particular interes

Granville Woods

Multiplex Telegraph and Electric Railway Improvements

Granville T.

Linus Yale

Cylinder Lock

Linus Yale, inventor of a popular and effective lock that uses a pin-tumbler cylinder design, was born in Salisbury, New Y

Paul Yock

Rapid Exchange Balloon Angioplasty/Stenting System

Medical technologies, such as those created by physician and inventor Paul G.

Neil Young

Model Train Systems

Neil Young is best known for being a legendary Canadian-American singer-songwriter and rock musician.

Paul Zamecnik

Antisense Therapeutics

Over the last half century, Paul Zamecnik has revolutionized medical research more than once.  Among the highlight

Feng Zhang

Pioneer of the revolutionary CRISPR technology and optogenetics

Feng Zhang is a pioneer in the world of genome editing an

Vladimir Zworykin

Electronic Television

One of the foremost figures in the complex history of television is Vladimir Zworykin (1889-1982), who invented the “ic