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Marvin Camras

Magnetic Recording Tape Technologies

Marvin Camras (1916-1995) invented the magnetic tape recording method that underlies most electronic and digital media,

Chester Carlson

The Photocopier

Necessity is often called "the mother of invention." But sometimes, there are other reasons that people become innovati

Willis Carrier

The air conditioner

One year after earning a master's degree in Electrical Engineering from Cornell University in 1901, Willis Havila

Alexander Cartwright


Baseball, like the United States, evolved out of a British precedent into a unique and independent institution. 

Edmund Cartwright

Power Loom

British reverend, poet, and lifelong inventor Edmund Cartwright was born on April 24, 1743 in Marnham, Nottingham, Engl

George Carver

Peanut Products

In the 1880s, agriculture began to be taken seriously as a science.

Frank Cepollina

Satellite Servicing Techniques

The advent of space flight and the widespread practice of putting satellites into orbit for communications purposes has

Ananda Chakrabarty

Biology-based solution for cleaning up toxic spills

Ananda Chakrabarty, PhD is a distinguished professor of microbiology and immunology at the University of Illinois Colle

Eugene Chan

Gene Sequencing

When Eugene Chan was a 23-year-old medical school student, he came up with an idea for mapping a genome quickly and ine

Adrian Chernoff

Rubber Bandits®

A seemingly simple idea can sometimes become an incredibly successful, mass-market product that makes life a little bit ea

Anne Chiang

Thin-film transistor technology

Anne Chiang is responsible for numerous accomplishments in electronic display devices and other computing technologies.

Yet-Ming Chiang

Electrochemical Actuators

Materials scientist Yet-Ming Chiang has developed breakthrough materials to enable new technologies such as stabl

Ole Christiansen


In the first half of the 20th century, Danish carpenter Ole Kirk Christiansen created one of the most beloved toys of a

Curt Civin

CD34 disease cell marker

Curt Civin, King Fahd Professor of Oncology and Pediatrics at Johns Hopkins University, has achieved wide recognition f