Vacuum Ice Cream Freezer

Beulah Louise Henry was born in 1887 and was dubbed "Lady Edison" in the 1930s. She earned 49 patents, but her inventions number around 110. Her first patent was granted in 1912 for a vacuum ice cream freezer. Later, Henry invented an umbrella with a set of different-colored snap-on cloth covers (1924). She also invented – literally overnight – the first bobbinless sewing machine (1940).

In 1932, Henry invented the "Protograph" for use in businesses. The device made four typewritten copies of documents at a time without carbon paper.  She also created "continuously-attached envelopes" to aid in mass mailings (1952). For children, Henry invented "Dolly Dips," which were soap-containing sponges (1929) and the "Miss Illusion" doll, a doll whose eyes could change color and close as if in sleep (1935).