Enloe High School InvenTeam

Their Problem

Most cervical cancer deaths occurring in developing nations are due to lack of diagnostic facilities and personnel. The Enloe High School InvenTeam seeks to approach this lack of healthcare by designing a menstrual hygiene product that can utilize naturally discharging menstrual blood (menses) to screen for cervical diseases.To adopt menses as a diagnostic medium, the team will invent a low-cost, lab-free, and easy-to-use product sufficient for collecting, sampling, and, ultimately, analyzing life-threatening diseases.

Possible Technological Solutions

(To be announced in February for the Mid-Grant Technical Review)

The Invention

(To be showcased at EurekaFest, June 12-14, 2023)

InvenTeam Education Fellow(s)

The Enloe High School InvenTeam will be working alongside InvenTeam Education Fellow, Leigh Estabrooks.

Read more about Leigh here!