Sensible InvenTeam: June Update

Two more weeks until EurekaFest! It’s been an exciting but busy last month, as we’ve been wrapping up our invention, testing our prototype, and preparing for our presentation at MIT. 

This month, we collaborated with NC State’s Wilson College of Textiles to build our prototype! We are so grateful to the faculty at NCSU who gave us a tour of the textiles lab, taught us about woven and nonwovens, and assisted us in using the machinery. While at the lab, we were able to explore technical applications to our prototypes and conduct testing on their efficacy. Additionally, we connected with more companies and individuals to improve different aspects of our invention. 











With EurekaFest being so close, our team met frequently, with worksessions lasting all day! While we were hard at work, we also enjoyed fun doordashed meals and spent quality time with the team. We’ve been busy creating elements and testing prototypes for our presentation and booth at MIT, so make sure to come see us! 

Starbucks Meeting










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