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Summer invention program for middle school students.
EurekaFest is a celebration designed to empower young inventors. This year's celebration will be held entirely online.
As part of the Cambridge Science Festival, the Invention Convention is postponed due to COVID-19.
LMIT and collaborators host a webinar to discuss a children's invention contest.
A 3 day workshop for educators to learn more about invention education.
A workshop for educators of all grade levels who want to enrich students' experiences through invention.
EurekaFest is a an event that celebrates young inventors, honors role models, and encourages creativity and problem solving.
Learn how to integrate computer science into JV InvenTeams Activity Guides.
LMIT and collaborators host a free webinar to discuss the Kids Code Grant Program.
Learn about resources and practices for making, inventing and entrepreneurship.
A workshop for teachers who want to foster creative, inventive mindsets in their students.