Tucumcari High School InvenTeam

Their Problem

Agricultural worksites can be extremely dangerous places with 33% of the farming population injured annually, 3% of which result in a permanent disability and 60 to 70 per 100,000 farmers killed. These numbers only include full-time workers. This means that the many part-time workers employed in farming are not included. The most common of these injuries is the result of tractors overturning, machinery colliding with stationary objects like pivot irrigation systems, and machinery colliding with each other. Many firsthand accounts of these accidents reveal that an agricultural worker within close proximity to the accident could see it about to happen but could not alert those involved in a timely manner to prevent it. The Tucumcari High School InvenTeam intends to invent an alert for impending accidents, thereby preventing injury or death to workers.

Possible Technological Solutions

(To be announced in February for the Mid-Grant Technical Review)

The Invention

(To be showcased at EurekaFest, June 12-14, 2023)

InvenTeam Education Fellow(s)

The Tucumcari High School InvenTeam will be working alongside InvenTeam Education Fellow, Ed Hernandez.

Read more about Ed here!