Calistoga Junior/Senior High School InvenTeam

2023 - 2024

Calistoga, California

Problem Statement:

The Calistoga Junior/Senior High School is addressing how to keep firefighters cool in fires. The team was inspired to tackle this problem having had four devastating fires affect Napa Valley where their school is located. All four of the fires are on the Cal Fire Top 20 Most Destructive Wildfire list. The students interviewed firefighters, police, and family center representatives about staying cool on the job and decided to focus specifically on wildland firefighters who wear up to 40 pounds of personal protective equipment over long periods of time. 42% of all line-of-duty deaths for firefighters are directly related to overexertion and heat stress so the team will help protect the firefighters health and safety, as well.

The InvenTeam will invent a useful and unique cooling device during this school year-because they care deeply about their local firefighters.

InvenTeam Education Fellow

The Calistoga Junior/Senior High School InvenTeam will be working alongside Education Fellow Chelle Myrann.

Read more about Chelle here!