Incline High School InvenTeam

2023 - 2024

Incline Village, Nevada

Problem Statement:

The Incline High School InvenTeam is in the Lake Tahoe basin. According to the Reno Gazette-Journal, a total of 89 roof structures were damaged by snow loads last winter – a record-breaking winter season of 723 inches of snow. The Lake Tahoe basin experiences heavy snowfall periodically and the snow tends to be very dense. The residents have no way of knowing if their roof is under so much stress that some type of failure is imminent. Most residents only know there's a problem after signs of roof failure is present. For example, they may see cracks in the drywall around windows and doors may become difficult to open because of the weight on the roof. The only solution is to physically remove the snow from the roof – a dangerous process. The team will invent a technological solution to alert homeowners of possible roof failure.

InvenTeam Education Fellow

The Incline High School InvenTeam will be working alongside InvenTeam Education Fellow, Paul Fucile.

Read more about Paul here!