Greenbrier East High School InvenTeam

Digital Junction Tracker for Caves
Energy and Environment

Lewisburg, West Virginia

The Greenbrier East High School InvenTeam is inventing a Digital Junction Tracker (DJT) for caves. The DJT is a digital beacon and receiver that will give spelunkers a more reliable way to find their way out of the cave. It will also act as a tracking device for rescue teams to find spelunkers who have lost their way, are injured, or become stuck in a cave and need to be retrieved. Ultimately, the goal of the digital junction tracker is to save lives.

Infographic featuring the state outlines of the eight teams. The teams, their towns and inventions are listed above their state graphic. On the right, "8 teams of high school students from across the US, using an online platform to stay connected to their community and MIT, each awarded a $10k grant for inventing solutions to real-world problems."
Infographic of the 2021-2022 Lemelson-MIT InvenTeams