Tuning in to the right frequency!

Seasons Greetings from Greenbrier East High school InvenTeam.
Over the past month, our team has taken on a new path and begun to work with portable software-defined radio receivers. We are currently using a Raspberry Pi for our testing. We interviewed one of our team members, Cole Snyder, and he explained that to get the radio receiver to work the tech team began by using a “software-defined radio and hooking it up with a very small coil of wire and attaching it to a Raspberry Pi."
Snyder then went on to explain that this would allow us to receive radio waves from around 50 miles away. From 50 miles away, we had decipherable data and at around 30 miles away we had clear radio signals. The future of this testing could bring us down to lower frequency reception to allow us to possibly penetrate rock. Giving us the ability to move through deeper caves, with the right amount of power. With this new information, the team plans to now work on transmission instead of reception. We will be updating our social media with new information when we get back to school in January.