Stockbridge High School InvenTeam

Underwater sensing and reporting system of lamprey larvae in the Great Lakes
Computing and Telecommunications

Stockbridge, Michigan

The Stockbridge High School InvenTeam has invented a low-cost remote underwater camera and water quality monitoring system to investigate the habitat of young lamprey—an invasive species in the St. Clair River. This device is capable of collecting water quality data and shooting time-lapse photography and video in visible and infrared spectra for up to 36 hours. A watertight housing and mounting system allows the device to be placed up to 100 meters under water and mounted to a variety of objects, including cement blocks, to collect data. The water quality monitoring system consists of an Arduino and an SD card shield, and is capable of collecting underwater temperature and pH readings every 30 minutes for up to 36 hours. Both sensors take precise measurements; data is then recorded on the SD card for access and retrieval. The cost of materials for the system is $500, and the data collected will be useful to scientists studying the conditions and effectiveness of lampricides.

Patent Awarded!

Stockbridge High School InvenTeam was awarded patent US 10690646 B2