Hudson Valley Pathways Academy InvenTeam

Tick Detection Device
Consumer Devices

Stone Ridge, New York

The Hudson Valley Pathways Academy InvenTeam seeks to lessen the prevalent and serious risk of tick bites by helping pet owners find ticks more easily on household pets. The team will develop a wireless, battery-powered, handheld tick detection device that will accurately and consistently scan pets for ticks and provide an on-screen visual and an audible notification when a tick is detected. We will accomplish this by introducing multiple sensors which will increase detection capabilities in conjunction with a calibration system for individual pets to further increase the tick detection.

Infographic featuring the state outlines of the eight teams. The teams, their towns and inventions are listed above their state graphic. On the right, "8 teams of high school students from across the US, using an online platform to stay connected to their community and MIT, each awarded a $10k grant for inventing solutions to real-world problems."
Infographic of the 2021-2022 Lemelson-MIT InvenTeams