Exit 65A Robotics InvenTeam

Pedestrian Safety Device
Consumer Devices

Livingston, New Jersey


The Exit 65A Robotics InvenTeam is inventing MaPSS, a Micromobility and Pedestrian Safety System. This is a system of small curb-block modules that warns vehicle drivers of pedestrians, cyclists, and micromobility users who are navigating road sections with blind curves or low visibility. It incorporates radar, mesh communications, and blinking LED lights to warn drivers of the presence of another person using the road. The system activates when a pedestrian, cyclist, or micromobility user is present at that section of the road. To ensure continuous operation, a master module with cellular connectivity notifies municipal, state, or county officials if maintenance is needed. The system will reduce vehicle speeds and decrease chances of impact with pedestrians.

Infographic featuring the state outlines of the eight teams. The teams, their towns and inventions are listed above their state graphic. On the right, "8 teams of high school students from across the US, using an online platform to stay connected to their community and MIT, each awarded a $10k grant for inventing solutions to real-world problems."
Infographic of the 2021-2022 Lemelson-MIT InvenTeams