Concord High School InvenTeam

Metal Detection System for Hospital Textile Cleaning

Wilmington, Delaware

The Concord High School InvenTeam invented the Specialized Hazard And Risk Prevention (SHARP) System to be used in Christiana Care Hospital’s textile facility. The SHARP System attaches directly to existing laundry conveyor belts and can detect Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) badges and other hospital tools made of martensitic stainless steel from up to 4.5 in. away and needles made of magnetizable stainless steel alloy from up to 2 in. away. This reduces the risk of employees pricking themselves on potentially infectious hospital tools, reduces the number of sharp tools reaching the rubber bladder used in the laundry machines, and detects lost RFID badges. Each detection can save $500-$3,000 per accident with a potentially infected tool, $5,000 and four hour shut-down time for punctured rubber bladders, and $100 for each detected RFID badge. Metal detection results in linens being pushed-off of the conveyor belt, removing it from the stream of soiled linen. The device also features a visual display to alert laundry sorters when metals are detected and requiring manual sorting. The detector system fits in a compact functioning workspace within a 4’ x 5.5’ footprint. Watch their 2015 EurekaFest Video

Patent Awarded!

Concord High School InvenTeam was awarded patent US 9715030 B1