See you later, Alligators!

Benjamin Franklin stated, “Tell me and I forget, teach me and I remember, involve me and I learn.”

What did we do yesterday? We went on an Airboat Ride, which as you’ll see was clearly cool.

Wow, Wow, Wow!! There is no other way to describe our team’s airboat ride in the Everglades. The ride was fun and educational if you can believe that. Four of us have never been to the Everglades. It was sunny and 85 degrees. We learned so much about the restoration projects going on in the Everglades as well as the role that frogs play in monitoring the restoration. This information will help us with our project as we move forward. We brought our 360 video camera and made a VR video of our boat ride, so not only us but other people will be able to experience this moment. Look for two alligators that swam right up to our air boat. Then we uploaded the video to our iprepnorth360 YouTube VR page. We even ate fried alligator for our snack after our ride, which was a weird idea at first, but actually made us think of other possible foods that are not traditionally eaten. We all agreed that it tasted like chicken. We learned that a few Florida plants such as blackberry leaves and sassafras roots can be used to make tea.

After our snack, we discussed how our AI biometrics project fits in to what is currently being used for monitoring restoration projects. Our device is really going to make a difference here. When we return to our next team meeting, we will complete building our AI device and hopefully complete the programming. We are currently debugging the program that we have so far. We discussed the things that could affect the way our project is moving and left the Everglades only to reflect on how sensitive our south Florida environment really is.

Happy Holidays