November Buzzband Update

The Buzzband team is thrilled for the opportunity to work with Lemelson-MIT InvenTeams!  After receiving exciting news of Buzzband’s selection as a 2021-2022 Lemelson-MIT InvenTeam winner, the team has been working on new assigned tasks. This November, we read and took notes on Inventeam expectations, allocated additional team leadership roles, and completed the training sessions in communications and finance. 


Our new InvenTeam roles include:


Administrative Leads: Janise & Aditri 

Communications Leads: Justina & Tara

Technical Leads: Janise & Aditri

Financial Leads: Aditi & Grace

Sustainability Leads: Elise & Natalie

Research Lead: Diya


On the technical side, we are prototyping our 2nd iteration of the BuzzBand. We have started soldering wires to the vibration motors and speakers. We are also working on amplifying our speaker for the band’s metronomic sound. Additionally, we have designed the protective casing for the electronics using CAD, and we will be 3D printing the case prototypes soon. The casing will keep the Buzzband’s electronics safe from wear and tear. 


We cannot wait to make more improvements on the BuzzBand! We look forward to continuing working with Lemelson-MIT!


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