January was a month of trials and triumphs as Mira Loma’s InvenTeam worked to complete our first prototype and plan for our Mid-Grant Technical Review taking place on February 28th, 2023. 


Our hardware team has been working tirelessly to finetune our design and develop a functioning first prototype so that we can start testing soon. We have successfully 3D printed and soldered all of the components in our device. As we enter the first week of February, we are beginning the final assembly process.

Meanwhile, the software team has put the final touches on the User Interface for our app and is working on the final details for a functioning application to present on the 28th.


The Communications team has been in a flurry of sending emails, designing posters and brochures, and beginning our media outreach campaign. Planning for the Mid-Grant Technical review was the main priority this month, and each team member has been contributing to the effort.

February Goals

As we move into the month of February, we’re transitioning into the testing phase for our first prototype. We also plan to meet with our mentor, Mr. Westlake, to rehearse our presentation for the 28th. The end of the month will mark the halfway point of our journey so far, but it is also the start of a new era in which our design will go PUBLIC! 

We’re excited to share our project with everyone at the Mid-Grant Technical Review and begin taking the next steps toward pursuing a patent for our design. 

To keep an eye on our progress, find us here: 

Instagram: @mlhsinventeam 

Twitter: @mlhsinventeam 

Email: mlhsbioengineering@gmail.com