January Buzzband Update

We went virtual this month, but that didn’t slow us down!


A lot of time this month has gone into preparing for our Lemelson-MIT InvenTeams Mid-Grant Technical Review.  All our team members have made a plan for their MGTR booth and designed materials.  We have some crafts planned too!  We’ve also sent out save the date emails and flyers to all our connections and many school districts in the Pittsburgh area.  We’re so excited to share our work with all our partners on February 26th.


We’ve made some progress on our second prototype, too.  Our programming lead and mentors have been working hard to get the vibration and sound aspects of the Buzzband working.  Our design lead also finished the CAD for the re-sized version of the casing for all our electronics.


We received our official Lemelson-MIT InvenTeams polo shirts this month.  We took a team photo in them, with Buzzband-themed backgrounds too.


Thank you for all the support that’s allowed us to bring the BuzzBand to where it is today. February couldn’t come fast enough for us!

The Buzzband Team