Forever Everglades


We are a handful of iPrep Academy North’s finest students, but also Florida residents. We are writing this blog to give everyone interested some insight on our project. To start off, I'll introduce our team: Romy, Leo, Johnaniel, Lucas, Ruben, James, Amelia, and Nahuel.

This project means more than any of us can put into words because it hits so close to home. We hope to restore our home, the Everglades. Now we know we don't have all the answers, so we plan to use our resources and study the Everglades to truly understand what makes up our home while also gaining a better understanding of how to utilize our fascinating technology.

We plan to measure the progress that our beloved home is making without the use of manpower but rather machines that we will be making.

Why is our invention important?

  • What the project is
    • Finding ways to monitor the restoration of the Everglades
  • The purpose of the project
    • To efficiently monitor the restoration of the Everglades
  • Why is important to us
    • This project is important to us because we live in South Florida, and we want to contribute to the Everglade’s restoration
    • In addition, this project is helping bring awareness to the importance of frogs in the Everglades
  • What do we want to obtain from this project
    • We wish to obtain to a greater understanding of the Everglades as a whole, meanwhile gaining a greater understanding of our day-to-day technology while having the privilege of helping our beloved Everglades prosper.
  • What’s next
    • We will visit the Everglades next week to take an airboat ride with a park ranger who will teach us the importance of frogs in the Everglades
    • Build and program our 3-D printed frog device that will automatically monitor restoration and succession of the Everglades