East Central High School March Blog

Welcome to East Central High School's March blog post!

Our club had an especially interesting month, and we can not wait to share our experiences with everyone. As everyone knows, our science club hosted a Mid-Grant Technical Review, and it was very successful. 

First, we will start off with the preparation for our MGTR. All of the past blogs that have been uploaded include some stages of preparation, but most recently we have been dealing with designing infographics, fundraising, and even more researching. 

For our infographics, we focused heavily on the construction and materials of our portable fire-resistant shelter. We were even able to construct a prototype for the audience to try out, and get inside of our shelter! This was a favorite among the crowd.

The informational posters we had posted around the room included sustainability and research information. The main reason why we went with infographic posters, is because a carefully designed question sheet was given to the audience. This allowed for them to pay even closer attention to all of our information, as well as be challenged of their knowledge of our project. 

Our team recently attended a local program, Old Fashioned Day. During this day we were able to communicate with our local community and educate them further about our invention. We had great feedback and we were even featured on our local news station!