December Buzzband Update

Happy New Year from the Buzzband team!  Not a moment of December went to waste, and we’ve made huge progress on both the business and technical aspects of the BuzzBand.  

After BuzzBand’s press release this month, we have been featured in various news outlets. Two of our team members interviewed with Kidsburgh and KDKA, and our media team is busy sharing updates on our social medias.  Check out the segment from KDKA and articles from Carnegie Mellon University and Kidsburgh below.

We also received our first batch of materials purchased with our grant money, and our finance lead updated our finance logs with all of our purchases.  

We’ve made a lot of progress on Buzzband 2.0 too!  We 3D printed the first iteration of the  BuzzBand’s electronics casing.  Our design lead is preparing a second iteration with a press-fit closure.  Our materials expert sewed the first armband for Buzzband 2.0 this month.  It looks fantastic!  Our programming lead is working hard on the code for the speaker and vibration motors.  

As a team, we are preparing for the Mid-Grant Technical Review.  We’re so excited to present our progress to our peers and mentors at Lemelson-MIT InvenTeams in February, and there’s so much more to come!

Keep Busy Buzzing!

The Buzzband Team