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EurekaFest is a celebration designed to empower young inventors. This year's celebration will be held entirely online.
As part of the Cambridge Science Festival, the Invention Convention is postponed due to COVID-19.
LMIT and collaborators host a webinar to discuss a children's invention contest.
A 3 day workshop for educators to learn more about invention education.
A workshop for educators of all grade levels who want to enrich students' experiences through invention.
EurekaFest is a an event that celebrates young inventors, honors role models, and encourages creativity and problem solving.
Learn how to integrate computer science into JV InvenTeams Activity Guides.
LMIT and collaborators host a free webinar to discuss the Kids Code Grant Program.
Learn about resources and practices for making, inventing and entrepreneurship.
A workshop for teachers who want to foster creative, inventive mindsets in their students.
Educators, develop inventive mindsets in students with this course.
See the working prototypes developed by high school and college students who are solving real-world problems through invention.