Cincinnati Country Day talks about their InvenTeam Award

InvenTeams: Integrating STEM Through Invention

InvenTeam students rely on inquiry and hands-on problem solving as they integrate lessons from science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) to develop invention prototypes. Interactive, self-directed learning coupled with STEM curricula are essential for experiencing invention.

Students learn to work in teams, while collaborating with intended users of their inventions. They partner with organizations in their communities to enrich their experiences. Most of all, students learn to move forward through challenges and celebrate "Eureka!" moments.

After the InvenTeam experience, inventive cultures often continue to prosper at schools through further development of InvenTeam prototypes or the pursuit of new invention projects. To date, 17 InvenTeams have patents for their InvenTeam projects, although, patents are not a requirement. 

InvenTeam Patents

Currently, 17 InvenTeams have been awarded patents for their invention projects. This is not a requirement for the grant, but an example of how the InvenTeam experience leaves a lasting impression on the students, teachers and community.
Lemelson-MIT's Executive Director Stephanie Couch
Dr. Couch talks about how Invention Education is a powerful way to teach young people ways inventors find and solve problems.

The power of the InvenTeam grant

“It’s no longer just crazy Mr. Schwartz in the shop trying to invent something. The grant we received provided acknowledgment to the school, district, and even county that what we were doing was worthwhile.”
Jonathan Schwartz, Colfax High School (CA) InvenTeam teacher in 2012 and 2020
Oprah Winfrey Recognizes the 2020-2021 Archer School for Girls InvenTeam

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Your Support Counts

Your support goes a long way: Sponsor an InvenTeam, Send a group to EurekaFest on the MIT campus, Provide professional development to educators, Support a local invention convention for K-12 learners, Introduce Invention Education to a community college.
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