SOAR High School InvenTeam

Alcohol level detection bracelet
Consumer Devices

Lancaster, CA.

The SOAR High School InvenTeam invented a unique blood alcohol content (BAC) detection wristband, named ëris™. The breathalyzer apparatus has a miniature sensor, located on the underside of the wrist and is 1/8th the size of traditional breathalyzer technology. Upon blowing onto the miniature sensor, the presence of ethanol triggers an analog voltage charge that is converted into a light-emitting diode (LED) reaction. Three easily discernible colors indicate to the user their blood alcohol results; yellow designates the device is warming-up, blue designates the device is ready for use and that the user is safe to drive, and red designates the user is over California’s legal BAC limit. Users of the wristband could include responsible adults, establishments that serve alcohol, of-age college students, and trend-setters. The attractive and useful bracelet will cost $20 at retail, 13% of the price of comparable breathalyzers. Watch their 2014 EurekaFest Video

Patent Awarded!

Soar High School was awarded patent  US D7720872 S