School of Dreams Academy InvenTeam

Remote sensing protection for stationary vehicles

The School of Dreams Academy InvenTeam invented “Police ALERT”, a monitoring device for police officers that detects potential threats within a 40 ft, 360[degree symbol] radius around their patrol car. A device with a camera looking up at a conical mirror is placed on the roof of the patrol car., The police officer in the car is warned via an in-cab indicator when motion is detected within the stated parameters. The in-cab indicator includes both audio and visual cues of where the motion is coming from along with an integrated user interface to control which areas the device is monitoring. Police ALERT is unlike other existing technology for police officers. It protects against approaching threats they were previously blind to and reduces the likelihood of an ambush while in their patrol car. The alpha prototype cost $500 to fabricate. Watch their 2014 EurekaFest Video