Rolling Robots Outreach InvenTeam

Device to Assess Sleep Effectiveness
Consumer Devices

Glendale, California

The Rolling Robots InvenTeam invented an adaptable sleep system that measures five sleep indicators and applies a stimulus based on the collected data. The system’s mobile app prompts the user to play a reaction-time game every three hours during the day. At night, a headband and earpiece continuously measure the user’s core body temperature (℃), brain waves, heart rate, and eye movement to identify the stage of sleep the user is in. These measurements, along with the reaction time data from the day, are used to determine an appropriate temperature stimulus applied through a wristband. An AI system adjusts the temperature stimulus in real-time by evaluating the input signals to best suit the user’s preferences.

Patent Awarded!

On January 17, 2023, the Rolling Robots InvenTeam was granted Patent #US 11 553 875 B2 for their "System and Device for Improving Sleep Quality." This marks the 15th patent awarded to a Lemelson-MIT InvenTeam. Congratulations to the Rolling Robots team!