Natick High School InvenTeam

Ice search and rescue remotely-operated vehicle

The Natick High School InvenTeam invented a two part remotely operated vehicle (ROV) that functions on ice for local search and rescue dive teams in the MetroWest Boston area. A land vehicle will traverse the ice surface in two mintues, then lower a submersible into a hole in the ice. This submersible will take the place of a diver and alleviate the problem of searching for objects or bodies in dangerous waters up to 40 ft deep with temperatures of 33–45°F. The land vehicle will pull the submersible out with the same boom and pulley system used to deploy the submersible at the end of its mission. The alpha prototype cost $8,000 to fabricate.

Patent Awarded!

Natick High School InvenTeam was awarded patent US 9511833 B2