SOAR High School’s Inventeam has made schoolwide history! Our team has been the first to submit our provisional patent before the Mid-Grant Technical Review. The process provided a great experience and showed how our team works diligently to make things possible. Despite the demanding concurrent high school and college schedules of our InvenTeam members, the passionate mindset of our group allowed us to make great progress given a limited time frame. 


Our technical and patent teams collaborated on the submission of our provisional patent application to enhance the interpretation of our device's description. Between subteams, we retrieved student data along with communicating with prospective mentors, and connected with the community to achieve our goal. 


This process is essential to our project as it helps ensure the security of our invention and our intellectual property. Hereafter, we plan to apply for a utility and design patent. This sense of security allows our team to disclose more information about our device and share our exciting updates with our local community and the broader INvention Education community!


Thanks to this process, we are now PATENT PENDING and ready to SOAR higher!