The SOAR High School InvenTeam has gotten much closer as a team through cooperative activities in randomized groups, research-based activities, and icebreakers. This has ultimately strengthened our bond and maximized our team’s potential. Technical and collaborative discussions have been equally prioritized throughout our project development.

Despite a flood of great ideas, we have faced some challenges while we’ve focused on our device design. During this process, we referred continuously to the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) website. With an ongoing amount of extensive research, our team has honed in on different user-friendly and individualized aspects that will ultimately serve our users. Throughout the last month we have developed different teams dedicated to other aspects of our project, like patent searching, MGTR display table setup, and even a team to review our NDA forms. We have been working collaboratively through varied subteams and assigned groups as we read a variety of sources, including a novel written by author Alyson Gerber. The novel, Focus, explores the experiences of a young teen with ADHD and provides an individualized and personal understanding of the varying experiences of neurodivergent individuals. Through our work in subteams, we hope to gain a sense of unity that diffuses into our project planning and presentation process. Our number one priority, however, is to serve the varying needs of the individuals we wish to serve. The SOAR High School InvenTeam is ready to create and participate!