Tustin High School InvenTeam

Last Wednesday, February 22, our team held their Mid-Grant Technical Review in our very own Little Theater. It’s safe to safe to say that the event was a major success. The team met hours before the start of the presentation to set up our banners, tri-fold posters as well as our prototype. Outside, we had a table full of refreshments and snacks as well as our business cards. Many praised our cute and colorful banners and business cards.

It was about 5:45 pm, 15 minutes before the start and many people have gathered. Parents, district board members, Tustin City council members, and our school principal all attended the event to hear about our invention and show their support. We are all very thankful.

After our instructor, Mr. Hernandez gave his greetings and introduce the team. We were presently surprised to be presented an award by the Tustin City Council. We were not expecting this award and we thank the council members,  Letitia Clark and Becky Gomez for presenting us this award.

Now, the team is ready for the presentation. As part of our presentation, we made a short video introducing our Gum Remover Machine. Afterwards, we had three presenters, talk about the three components we incorporated to create our device. Each presenter talked about the heating, chemical and mechanical components of our device.

Lastly, after their brief but thorough presentation, we had our audiences go around every tri-fold posters and see what we were up to. Many asked us questions we were happy to answer as well as great feedback. We also had them write suggestions and feedbacks to improve on which was a huge help.