Our team met with Mr. Fucile via Skype on November 1st, 2017!

Hello December! We were so excited to start producing our invention and put our minds together. We are thankful to be working with Paul Fucile, Senior Engineer at Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute. Currently we describe our project as a device that hinders mosquitos from laying eggs on the surface of water by disturbing the surface of stagnant water bodies. Upon reviewing-the potential water movement and stability of the device, We have developed two more designs. We are proud that we accomplished 3D printing our three designs, but an unexpected moment was the realization of how fast the Mid-Grant Technical Review is approaching. We realize that we have to set tighter deadlines and work quickly and efficiently to meet our time constraints.




This video captures an experiment where we were testing our first 3D printed casing and different sized counterweights on a DC motor. The results of the experiment were a heavier counterweight created a greater disturbance, however our use of beads to represent the fluid motion of water was not successful.

The engineering team focused on 3D printing. The potential external casing of the device, testing the buoyancy of the 3D printed cases, and researching sensors and and the environmental factors that affect mosquitos. We 3D printed four models of our three designs at multiple scales. We made two different size teardrop shaped models, two pill shaped models, and an octagonal shaped model.  We tested the small teardrop model in a plastic bin filled with water and succeeded in making it float upright, so that the semisphere of the model was in the water and the point was completely upright. We realized that anchor on our device will keep it from floating away and it will help the teardrop model remain upright. We also tested our third model the pill design, and our fourth model, which was our original  that was submitted when we proposed our project idea. Currently our Engineering team is reviewing various sensors that measure different environmental factors that may affect the concentration of mosquitoes in a source of water. Temperature, pH, dissolved oxygen, and air quality sensors are in consideration for out device. 


The Anchor Saves The Day: Teardrop model was able to float due to the anchor creating tension!


The finance team has been active in researching the materials we will purchase in collaboration with the engineering team and our team Administrative Lead. They have set internal systems for requesting orders between engineers and the other groups within our team. The finance team purchased motors from Digi-Key so the engineers can test some recent concepts. The finance team has been focusing on purchasing a printer and camera. One goal is to purchase a durable printer that has fast scanning capabilities and can produce high quality prints. They have explored purchasing camera bundles which will include extra batteries, a tripod, micro SD card, and a carrying case for the camera. They have conducted extensive research to ensure that we stay within our budget while meeting our needs. The communication team has completed: the local press release template, an effective elevator speech, a log sheet for our contacts, a poster board informing our school about InvenTeam, created social media accounts to promote our project. The communications team had also started to plan out days where part of the meeting will be focused on prepping for an interview, reviewing the elevator speech, and studying the key messages provided in the handbook. The whole communication team came together to edit our blog post and review our thank you card to our school’s Key Club advisor and long time support of InvenTeams for donating snacks to our team for our meetings.


Poster board created by the communications team for Northeast High School's Club Day.


In December, the engineering team will start creating a working device for our Mid-Grant Technical Review and Community Showcase. The communications team will start creating promotional items such as posters to advertise our device to the public and start to fundraise money through selling poinsettias. The poinsettia sale will require flyers to spread the word and our business cards will be given to our customers. The finance team has a goal to increase spending and they project that they may spend about 45% of the budget in the month.  As a whole, the entire team plans to improve our teamwork and concentration to result in more productive meetings.


Yay team!