The Diaries of the Impossible: Getting Over the Fear of Communication (November)

The team here at Sylmar Biotech Health and Engineering Magnet are extremely excited and thankful for being chosen as a Lemelson-MIT InvenTeam. In our first steps towards EurekaFest we separated into teams to contact community officials Congressman Tony Cardenas, LAUSD Board Member President Kelly Gonez, Assemblymember Luz M. Rivas, and Councilwoman Monica Rodriguez. While we have our presentations and emails sent and waiting confirmation, we are really improving in how we present ourselves. Especially with the help of Lemelsons-MIT’s course on Communication.

In addition to our new additions, we’ve separated into different groups and roles. 


  • Technical/Prototyping
  • Fundraising/Advertising 
  • Social Media


  • President: Paulina R.
  • Vice President: Adriana O.
  • Secretary: Alejandro R.
  • PRO: Katerine F.
  • Treasurer: Paulina R.

While we wait for materials to arrive, our technical team has done and is continuing to research how to build and develop our project safely and correctly. This should come in handy soon, but with what materials we do have we’ve started developing a couple of the main features of our shower head. 

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