The Diaries of the Impossible: Conquering Distance

Before winter vacation we came to the realization that many of us were going to be out of town, state, or even the country. But this great distance and inability to meet in person until after the winter break wasn't going to stop us from moving forward with our project and plans. 

Those who handle public relations are communicating with different people and organizations to partner or work with us so our project can be the best it can be. 

In fact, we have a presentation in Kelly Gomez's office on January 6, 2023, with board members of the DIY Girls.

And our technical team decided to split our project into multiple parts so each of us could work on one component and integrate it all together in January. This includes keeping in touch with experts and those at Lemelson-MIT when we hit a wall or need a second opinion on our design, to ensure it works and meets the deadline.

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