The Diaries of the Impossible: Cancel Your Date, It’s Gonna be a Downpour

It’s already the end of February! They say “Time moves fast when having fun”. Now we don’t know if time has legs to move with, but this month we definitely had fun working on our project, especially in preparation for the MidGrant Technical Review.

While at the beginning of the month, we kept prototyping and reaching out to other organizations (such as Comision Femenil and Senator Dianne Feinstein), whom we had a great time with, and we would like to thank them for their time and endorsement.  

Towards the end of the month, when sunny California turned unusually stormy, we started finishing up on circuits for some of the features of the prototype. However, we turned our full attention towards preparing for the MidGrant Technical Review. 

In relation to the MidGrant Technical Review, we would like to thank all those who showed up and gave us feedback on what we have right now. We have taken this feedback into consideration and will research to improve our project. We also thank the Singleton Foundation for the stunning venue and great reception. 

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