1/1/23 December InvenTeam Blog

What has the team been up to?

Our team has been focused on our design prototype. We have been utilizing the equipment available at a maker space near us. We used the laser cutter to make the frame and tube slots of the cardboard model. We also used the electrical station to obtain a microSD card attachment and soldered wires to it. Our structure for the prototype has been constructed and set up. We have also been focusing on the sensors and what data they will record. We plan to sample temperatures, concentrations, water levels, pH, voltage, and various other parameters. Apart from harvesting microalgae, the team has been harvesting algae biomass to make bioplastic. Our app designing process using swift has been going well and we have also made posts on our social media accounts explaining our team’s purpose and goals. Though we have had some setbacks, the team has made great progress. 

What do we hope to accomplish in the upcoming weeks?

The team has been working on our application for a provisional patent and we intend to submit it soon. Using bioplastic to design products such as coasters, phone cases, and other practical items is a goal the team has been focused on. The main focus going forward is running trials with our prototype’s sensors and LEDs and analyzing data to make the necessary changes. We also plan to receive sponsorship offers from sponsors soon. We hope to utilize the maker space’s resources as much as possible to continue making diligent progress.