When Rebekah Huang noticed the chairs in her kitchen would regularly tip over, she became concerned for the safety of herself and her young brother. The chairs were too unstable to for her too stand on. This would cause them to wobble, endangering her and others nearby.

This inspired Rebekah to invent Mighty Suction holders. When placed under the legs of the chair, it immobilizes it enough to prevent it from falling over, while the suction is not too strong to keep her family from picking it up and moving it when necessary. While effective on tiled flooring, the suction cups did not work as well on wooden floors. Because of this, she invented a new model, where two suction cups connected by a piece of string were attached to table and wrapped around the back of the chair. That way, if the chair fell backwards the support of the string would prevent it from falling any further. 

Rebekah's younger brother would often knock over plates and cups, spilling food on the dinner table. She saw this and realized the same scientific principles from her previous inventions could help solve this issue. She took two suction cups and placed them back to back. It was placed in between the plate and the table. By applying suction from both angles, her family's kitchenware was able to stay in place.