Tracy Jean-Chronberg

Communications Coordinator

Tracy Jean-Chronberg is a Communications Coordinator bringing over 20 years of marketing, design and communications expertise to the team.  

 Prior to LMIT, Tracy was Design Director at RiviTrace, a contact tracing system, as well as Prividee, which enables private communication between strangers while maintaining anonymity and privacy. Tracy also founded a financial services marketing company and was publisher of Where to Eat magazine (both acquired). She also started an e-commerce site for importing wool bedding from Australia. Tracy is a principal in Diamond Energy Acquisition Group, a fund focusing on domestic mineral rights acquisition.  Tracy has a love of art and architecture and as such enjoys collecting art and renovating properties for resale. She also loves to travel, including bike trips through Italy, Canada and the U.S. 



Bachelor of Arts, Graphic Design, Mississippi State College 


If you could invent anything, what would it be?

Tracy would like to invent a way to interpret what her dogs are thinking