Mike Carter

Invention Education Fellow

Mike Carter is the Engineering and Design Coordinator at the Archer School for Girls where he developed the school’s signature program in Integrated Design & Engineering Arts. In addition to teaching and creating cross-disciplinary curriculum, he led fundraising and design for the school’s hands-on workshop and lab spaces, managed partnerships with the Los Angeles Clean Tech-Incubator and XPRIZE foundation and mentored successful Lemelson-MIT InvenTeams in 2015-16 and 2020-21. He holds a degree in Product Design Engineering from Stanford University. Prior to Archer he worked in design and engineering for consumer products, motion picture effects, electric vehicles, and solar power systems. He also spent several years pursuing statistical analysis of religion and politics, earning a Master’s degree in Religious Studies from the GTU and in Political Science from UC Berkeley, before leaving doctoral studies to work as a screenwriter (with 3 produced credits). Mike subsequently returning to engineering after the 2007-8 WGA strike.


2022-2023 InvenTeam

This year Mike is working with the Sylmar Biotech Health and Engineering Magnet High School InvenTeam as an InvenTeam Fellow.

Read more about what the Sylmar Biotech Health and Engineering Magnet High School InvenTeam seeks to complete this year on their page!