Katrina Hull

Invention Education Fellow

Katrina Hull has been teaching in the high school classroom for over 12 years. Most recently she was a Math turned CTE Engineering Teacher at McKay High School, a fully comprehensive Title I high school in Salem, Oregon. Her primary focus is giving students a solid foundation while in high school that they can use as a springboard to jump into what is next. She has a deep passion for seeing all students succeed and giving students opportunities to connect to role models that look and sound like them. 

Katrina’s students have competed in various collegiate invention competitions - PSU’s Clean Tech Challenge, Beta Project, and InventOR. Katrina coached the McKay High School InvenTeam in 2019. Prior to starting at McKay High School Katrina taught as a math teacher at Westfield High School in Westfield, Indiana where she built an after-school Ski and Snowboard Program and a Rock Climbing Club. She has researched with UCF and MIT on the ecosystems necessary to support students working on long-term invention projects. Outside of the classroom, Katrina serves on the STEM Investment Council for the state of Oregon and serves on the Board for Oregon RAIN (Rural Accelerator and Incubator Network). 

Katrina loves the world of invention and the magic that always happens on an InvenTeam as the students and teachers stretch beyond what they think is possible. 


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